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(08/02/2012) London appointments next week

…or more accurately, East Croydon.

I will be visiting on Monday and Tuesday next week.  There is one appointment left on Tuesday at 6pm for 1 hour.

As usual the best method of contacting me is by telephone.  My love affair with the Blackberry has finally ended with the demise of the 4th one.  Is it just me or do these things die for no reason?  They all go the same way - a yellow lightening flash appears on the screen, then after two weeks this is replaced by a red lightening strike and then they persistantly refuse to charge up about a week later?!

I have had a number of requests for MSN messenger recently all of which I have declined.  I don’t engage in any of this with prospective slaves when a phone call or email is sufficient to determine whether we are suitable match.  Please take time to read my website as to my areas of interests.

I will also take the opportunity to add the following:-

I choose not to participate in online discussions, forums or anything similar*.  Many Mistresses enjoy contributing to these forums, but it is not something that appeals to me.  This is their choice and even though it is not my choice, I  respect their decision to be involved.  But, I do not wish to participate in public forums or even be mentioned in them – favourably or not.  Unfortunately my choice is not respected. It’s true – I could use these forums to make myself more well known, but – and this is the important bit:  if I’m happy with those who visit me and the number of people that I see; many who have been with me for years, then are these sites necessary for me to either promote or defend myself?  Well the answer is no because I never sought to rely upon them in the first place.  Sometimes I may be guilty of making too hasty a judgement on someone’s authenticity, but it comes down to this: it either feels right or it doesn’t.

And now on to…ginger figging.

I came across this years ago in a training manual. Did it once and then promptly forgot all about it…until I received an email this morning asking if I’ve ever done it. So, aswell as receiving a birching this poor soul may regret his little internet browsing because on the same day I’m also going to be attempting to tackle a patch of excema (?) with the violet wand.  Did ye know, it is apparantly a cure-all for skin disorders….

Mistress Sheba

07947 333 967 or

*with the exception of one.